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Where Has The Jelly Gone?

My prevailing memory of birthday parties when I was a child include exciting games of pass the parcel (of course only the last wrapper revealed a prize), lurid dresses (well it was the 70’s) and, my favourite, jelly and ice cream. Thirty years on and I admit children’s parties have changed, but in essence they are much the same …the party games, the birthday outfits, the cake and candles all still remain.

Now over the past 7 years I have attended a lot of kids birthday parties, big small, grand, old-fashioned, inside, outside, with horses, zoo’s, hotels, picnics, pottery, disco’s, theme parks with entertainment and themes a plenty and I have a question…where has the Jelly gone?

Children’s Parties these days are amazing in countless ways but bringing back Jelly would make them even better!!

Here is an easy peasy fun and fabulous way to add a bit of wobble to your party!

Jelly Cupcakes

you will need:

– baking cups (these are great as they look lovely and also hold liquid)

– Instant Jelly cubes or powder, follow the instructions, pour into the cups and leave to set.

– squirty cream (kids just LOVE squirting this stuff and I love retro)

– a selection of sweets, fruit, sprinkles etc


Let the children get involved by squirting the cream on the set jelly and topping with yummy treats! Fabulous and delicious Jelly Cupcakes.

baking cups with jelly

yummy treats

squirty cream

Adding the toppings

voila! jelly cupcakes

Voila! yummy jelly cupcakes, enjoy!

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Open For Business

After months attached to the tiniest computer in the UK, hours of bribing my children to ‘hush’ and weeks of rocking baby Harry in his chair with my foot (not perfect parenting I admit!). Pretty Little Party Shop is now officially Open For Business! Follow the link to the left or below.

Happy browsing


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Welcome to Wonderland

Welcome to Wonderland

Children (and lets face it most grown ups) everywhere continue to be enchanted by Alice in Wonderland. The magical world that Lewis Carroll created so full of vivid images and unforgettable characters makes it simply perfect to recreate as a childs party theme. From giant mushrooms, and oversized teacups to magical treats requesting guests to ‘drink me’ and ‘eat me’, a trip to wonderland is every childs dream.

My very talented friend Abigail (a self confessed ‘party freak’) created such a party for her daughters eighth Birthday. Abigail is a professional photographer and took the opportunity to capture her gorgeous daughter in an Alice Concept Shoot while she was dressed in her party outfit. How beautiful are these photos!

To see more of Abigails work go to

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Pinata Love

I love baking and I love baking cakes but I never bake my children’s birthday cakes, I always purchase them. I discovered long ago that organising and hosting your child’s party for 20 and baking what ought to be a showstopping cake (trust me children’s expectations of THE cake are high) and on the day before the party, is just to stressful and the result is too disappointing.

Some people manage with ease to lovingly bake their child a wonderful cake for their special day, I instead loving make a birthday Pinata (and I make it well in advance of the big day).

When my children were very little we used to cover a small balloon in paper mache and when dry I let them loose with the paintbrushes to decorate the now hard balloon before hanging it outside and allowing them to pummel it with a child’s bat. Over the years we have made rainbow pinata’s, pink pig pinata’s, number pinata’s and halloween pumpkin pinata’s. My latest pinata is for a gorgeous little poppet’s first birthday, yes she may be a llittle small to hit it with a bat but the older children at the party will enjoy it and I am sure she will love to watch it explode its confetti and goodies everywhere. It will also look exceeding pretty in the birthday photo’s!