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Pretty Spring time pom poms

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A Fresh and Fabulous First Birthday

I was delighted to be asked to be involved in the styling of a little girls very special First Birthday Party. Marnie is ultra-cute, full of personality with eyes the size of saucers and a permanent sunny smile. Mummy Hannah let me have pretty much free rein on the decor from Pretty Little Party Shop but we agreed it should be light and fresh with a springtime feel.

Christenings are rarer these days so a first birthday party for children and adult friends and family alike can be such a great opportunity to get together for a big celebration. The decor needed to appeal to children but also provide a pleasant atmosphere for the adults.

The venue was Rubicon Bar in Surbiton, a really lovely space with attractive decor friendly staff and enormous windows! I decided upon spring coloured Poms to fill the windows and pastel coloured tableware. On the tables we put mini milk bottles filled with the first of springs daffodils and added polka dot balloons (a favorite of all children) weighted down with toy building blocks. For the children there were pens and colouring pages, toys and a bubble machine to keep them entertained along with a delicious spread of party food, whilst for the adults the bar was open and there was chat and catching up a-plenty.

Pretty Spring time pom poms

Polka dot balloons Polka Dot and Striped Paper Plates and Cups  Paper Pom Poms and Polka Dot Balloons Yellow Paper Pom pom Paper Pom Poms in a window flowers on table birthday girl row of bags close up Pretty Paper Straws tags DIY Balloon Weight

Bath Bomb Party

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A Perfect Girly Party!

My own Big Little Girl turns eight in April and has been busy planning her eighth birthday party since her seventh! Her request is for a pamper party combined with a craft party…’erm…ok’ I stammer.

So my usual repertoire of pass the parcel combined with a bit of disco dancing followed by playing the ‘bean’ game and finishing off with bashing the stuffing out of a pinata just isn’t cutting it anymore!

Then I stumble over a fabulous company who make beautiful and delicious smelling bath bombs and soaps…they have recently branched out into children’s parties!!! Bath Fizz and Melt is run by the lovely Siobhan and (unfortunately for me) is based in Carrickfergus Norther Ireland, perhaps I can twist her arm into branching out to Surrey!

What a fabulous idea, pampering and craft rolled into one. The children get to make, wrap and take home a beautiful fragrant fizzy bath bomb and a colourful funky shaped soap. What eight year old girl wouldn’t love these:

Bath Fizz Melt CarrickfergusChildrens pamper partieschildrens soap making parties

Bath Bomb Parties

Bath Fizz nd Melt

Easter Baking Cups

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Easter Baking Cups

Ooooh I love easter and all things spring so I was delighted to recieve my order of pretty easter baking cups!

spring baking cups

Now to plan what to put in them, here are a few ideas:

Easter Baking Cups

Easter Basket Idea from the TomKat Studio

Bunny Cupcakes

bunny Cup Cakes from Cup Cakes Take the Cake Blog

Pretty Easter Cupcakes

Pretty Sprng Cupcakes image from Pinterest

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DIY Fringe Garlands

The sun is out, the Snowdrops are nodding their tiny heads and I am making plans for some gorgeous spring-time parties.

This morning I have made some pretty fringe garlands that I am going to use for a cute little one years old party next week. Fringe is BIG for 2013 and this delicate spring time colour palette is oh so sweet. I thought I would share with you how to make these, they are incredibly easy and extremely cheap!

DIY Fringe Garland

These garlands make any party look amazing but also create a fabulous backdrop for photo opportunities

You will need: Crepe Paper 50x250cm and Sharp Scissors

I use have used the folded rolls of inexpensive craft crepe paper for this project, you will be able to make 5 approx 3.5m Garlands from one pack – Pullingers have a great range of gorgeous colours for £1 each.

Fringe GarlandYour Garland can be whatever size you wish,for this project I have used 10cm lengths as you get 5 out of each pack. Use sharp scissors and cut straight through the folded crepe.

Crepe Paper GarlandNow unfold your length of crepe paper and gently stretch it out. you will find that has quite a lot of stretch in it but be gentle. You may need two people to do this, I stretch it over my lap stretching small sections as i go. Once completely stretched re-fold.

DIY Fringe GarlandYou will need sharp scissors for this. Cut along the unfolded edges of the crepe paper. only cut a third of the way not right to the middle, try to make the cuts as close together as you can as this will make the fringe really delicate. Take your time but the great thing about these is they are very forgiving so you need not be too precise.

Fringe Garland How toContinue and do both sides, remember to leave room in the middle.

fringe garland 5now you can unfold your garland, tease it apart gently, it is well worth taking your time with this so to not rip the paper.

fringe garland 6And there you have it, beautiful fringe garlands. Around 17m for £1 it’s well worth the effort! Enjoy

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WIN A Stylish Party Pack For 12 Guests

Congratulations to the lucky winner; Samantha Brown, we hope your daughter enjoys her party!

Pretty Little Party Shop, the UKs newest and prettiest party Shop on the block has been open one whole week! In thanks for everyone’s support we are giving away one of our fabulous party packs. These packs contain everything you need to host the most stylish of children’s parties and you can choose from the packs below:

Stylish girls party pack

Girls Party Pack RRP £35.95

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Stylish Boys Party Pack

Boys Party Pack RRP £35.95

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In order to win one of these gorgeous party packs all you have to do is add a comment stating which one you would like (boy or girl) and tell us what you like about the new shop.  Please see below for Terms and Conditions.

Pretty Little Party Shop

Pretty Little Party Shop

Remember to put your email address in the comments box, email will only be used to contact the winner and will not be used in any other way or divulged to any other parties. The winner will be randomly chosen, closing date for entries is the 9th March. Open to UK Entries only. Only one entry per email address. Entries can be through this blog or via the Shop Blog. This prize cannot be exchanged for any other item or cash and cannot be returned or refunded.

Mini Milk Bottle Love

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Mini milk bottles are a huge trend at the moment at weddings, parties and events. These cute little bottles have been spotted as table settings, floral arrangements, hanging decorations and to serve alcoholic drinks, milk with cookies and smoothies, the list is seemingly endless.  Do we simply love these bottles because of their classic simplicity of design or is there more behind our adoration of these tiny little bottles of loveliness?

In 1944 the Eduction Act in the UK provided free milk (1/3rd pint) and meals to everyone under 18. This age was reduced to under 11 in 1968 and in 1971 Margaret Thatcher withdrew free milk from children over 7 years old, this age has since been reduced to 5. many off us remember having  glass bottled milk at school before it was delivered in cartons, my husband has an old bottle that he has kept from his school days (don’t tell the teacher).

Could our love for these mini glass bottles come from the nostalgic memories we have of pushing paper straws through silver caps of tiny bottles at break time, or the excitement and anticipation of who will be chosen as milk monitor. For me they are little bottles of childhood, they conjur up ideas and memories of youth and wholesomeness, a little reminder of days before tetra-packs and the health and safety police, where we skipped to school on our own and ate penny sweets from paper bags.  Maybe our Grandchildren will be serving drinks in square paper cartons at their weddings…perhaps not.

Whatever the reason we love them, it looks like these lovely mini bottles will be making an appearance at many a ‘Do’ in 2013, here are a few ideas as to what to do with yours:

Milk Bottle Vases by Colour Me Pretty at Decor8

Wedding Drinks by QueenslandBrides

Mini Milk Bottles and Party Rings by LoveSweetMaries

For beautiful mini milk style bottles visit Pretty Little Party Shop

Mini Milk Bottles

Mini Bottles by Pretty Little Party Shop