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Friday Fiesta – Pastels

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I have been inspired this week by the fabulous book by Selina Lake Pretty Pastel Style. The book reveals how pastels are making a revival, and not the sugary, saccharine pastels of old but a new versatile breed of pastel shades on ‘the cool side of sweet’.
From sultry sophistiated shades to funky neons I adore them all. Pastel hues are particularly wonderful to use for parties and celebrations, to be honest when styling a party you can get creative and add just a touch of pastel for a pop of colour, or like me follow the ethos ‘more is more’!
Pastel Styling
Pastel Party Styling
Pastel Decor
Pastel Honeycomb Ball Decorations
Pastel Balloons and Pastel Party
Pastel Partware
Pastel Ideas for Parties
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1 – 4 – Fjeldborg Blog

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