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Everyone loves to give and receive a beautiful gifts, they don’t have to be expensive, adding a personal touch to a little gift turns a small thank you into something extra-special. I thought I would share with you a couple of cute gift giving ideas. We used our Kraft Drinks Carrier as a cute and practical alternative gift presentation box.

Gift packaging box

We filled our Drinks Carrier with home-made elderflower cordial and some sunny daffodils, perfect for a sweet Mothers Day present, teacher gift or a thank you gift.

Kraft drinks carrier make a great gift box

Another use of these little carriers is as alternative Party Bags. Fill with party favors and sweets and your little guests can carry it off at the end of the party.

Mini picnic in a box

We also put together this cute mini picnic hamper, perfect for a light lunch. We teamed it with our 500ml glass bottle full of cool apple juice.

Gift of hot-chocolate

A gift of hot chocolate will always be a welcome treat!

Cute drinks Carrier

Alternatively you could always use our Drinks Carriers for Drinks!


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