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Tiny Balloons – New Party Trend Alert!


Tiny little balloons are one of my favorite party decoration. So cute and versatile these balloons can be filled with helium (a tiny and very inexpensive amount!) or can be blown up with puff.  There are lots of great things that you can do with these little balloons, I promise you however you choose to use them they are sure to be a real ‘crowd pleaser’.

Thsese cute cupcake toppers are so easy to make: inflate the balloon but not fully, tie it off and poke the blunt end of a skewer or tooth pick into the knot.

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Tassel Garlands – The Ultimate Party Accessory

How to style your party using tassel garlands

Tassel Garlands are a huge party trend for weddings and events. These garlands make a big statement and are a simple and quick way to make an impact at any event. There are many different ways that you can use these pretty garlands, here are just a few:
Tassel Fringe Balloon   Tassel balloon
Attaching a Tassel Garland to a Big Balloon creates a stunning feature and the perfect prop for photos
Tassel garland Dessert table backdrop
Simply string behind a dessert table for maximum effect
Tassel Garland in Nursery
These beautiful tassel garlands are too good to just use for celebrations, they look fabulous as decoration in the home. (I love the different length tassels in the picture above, don’t be scared to chop your tassels!)
Tassel garland Styling
What a clever use of a tassel garland
Tassels on Chairs Cute
This pretty party uses tassel garlands split into smaller sections to add fringing to the backs of the chairs.
Tassel garland outdoors
Tassel Garlands look very special outdoors
Tassel Garland Backdrop
 Use en masse to create a stunning backdrop that doubles up as a work of art.
Find a collection of Tassel Garlands just waiting to pretty your party at Pretty little Party Shop

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Christmas Garland DIY – Here’s How to Hang Your Honeycombs

Hanging honeycomb balls is easy!

I am a self confessed Garland obsessive! I don’t feel at home unless there is a string of bunting or a garland adorning a wall/window/dresses/tree. I recently spotted a honeycomb garland in a shop for £24 and rushed home to make my own! It really is very easy, here is how:

You will need:

9 x 3″ Honeycomb Balls will make approximately 1.5m of garland
A length of Bakers Twine
Double-sided Sticky Tape

Step 1:   Cut your length of twine, ensure it is a little longer than you need the garland to be.

Step 2:   Make a loop at each end to enable you to hang the finished Garland neatly

Step 3:   Stick a smal piece of double sided tape to the card inside the Honeycomb and open the ball out. You can either cut the little hanging string off the honeycomb or lay it down insdide the ball out of site, carefully lay your twine inside the middle of the honeycomb and close the ball. There is no need to stick the twine down inside as the closed ball will hold it there quite firmly and it will also enable you to carefully move or alter the ball along the twine if necessary later.

Step 4:   Adjust the gaps by carefully moving the balls along the twine if necessary. Hang and Enjoy!

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The Weeks Pretty Little Round-up

Party ideas I love this week!

Some little things I love from the ‘party world’ this week. (links below)

Party Ideas round up by Pretty Little Party Ideas Blog

Bright Paper Flowers, a Thanksgiving Party and Flower DIY (By Make My Lemonade)

These Crackers will create the prettiest confetti showers (from Anthropologie)

Use these cute Star Cushions as party seating for little ones (from Numero 74 at Range ta Chambre)

Pack up your troubles in these adorable little suitcases, Garland DIY (by Oh Happy Day)

The perfect napkin for dinner parties! Learn How to fold these and be the envy of your guests (by Smarty Had A Party)

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Frozen Party Theme Supplies

Disney’s Frozen is a truly perfect party theme! With pretty princesses, the handsome hero, a magical land and ‘hit’ music, a party based around the film will live long in children’s memories. Create your own icy Arendelle wonderland!

Here is how to get the look!

Disney's Frozen Party Supplies and Ideas

Striped Paper Plates – 2 Ivory Fringe Garland – 3 Drinks Jars with Daisy Lids – 4 Blue Polka Dot Lunch Box  – 5 Mini Milk Bottles with Blue Paper Straws – 6 Blue Polka Dot Balloons – 7 Paper Pom Poms – 8 Pale Blue Glitter Tape  – 9 Blue Paper tablecloth – 10 Blue Paper Fans  – 11Blue Wafer Seal Sticker Labels

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Disney’s Frozen – Party Ideas

I recently watched Disney’s Frozen and I have to admit I loved it as much as the kids did! With not one but two fabulous Princesses, a magical story-line and entertaining make-believe characters it is no wonder that Frozen has swiftly become one of the most loved Disney creations ever! It also has all the right ingredients to make a perfect party theme!

If you are planning a Frozen Party for your child there is heaps of inspiration out there to help you, here is a selection of my favourites:

Disney's frozen Party

Shannon Rocha from Very Pretty Parties created the magical world of Arendelle for her daughters fifth birthday. I particularly adore the little creative touches she has added to the mini milk bottles and added glitter tops to the cutlery. I am completely in love with the sleigh.

Frozen party Inspiration

Genie Leigh has created this cool and pretty party for her daughter using hues of blues and whites. The stunning backdrop of pretty snowflakes is such a beautiful touch and just look at that cake!

Frozen Party Supplies and Ideas

This Frozen Party from Yellow Bliss Road is jam-packed with great ideas. The pretty white party food looks a delight from simple savoury popcorn to crystal covered marshmallows on sticks! The snowball (cotton wool ball) garland is so pretty and yet so simple and kids would go crazy for those figurines in jars (each one atop Epsom Salts) they make the most perfect party favors.

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Pack the Perfect Picnic

Picnic season is now in full swing! We love to picnic and eat outdoors and do so at every opportunity whether it be at home in the garden or a picnic in the park, sporting event, beach or even an outdoors lunch break!

Beautiful Picnic

Essentially my ideal picnic contains first and foremost the company of friends & family, a pretty location, somewhere to sit whether it be rug, bench, or deckchair and some good food and drink. Whether you spend hours preparing gastronomic picnic dishes or you simply shop for convenience food to take with you, I believe that great packaging and a little style can make a picnic that little bit extra-special and memorable! We have a huge collection of pretty picnic items within the Shop. Here are a few ideas and tips to pack up the perfect picnic!

Beautiful picnic supplies

Syney Picnic

Disposable, and biodegradable packaging and tableware is my preference to plastic containers, not only does it look more attractive but is practical, lightweight and can be disposed of immediately.

Deli Box Picnic100 Layer Cake

Either pack a few separate dishes for everyone to share or perhaps put together little individual lunch boxes each containing lunch for one!

Berry Boxes UK

Egg Box Packaging

Colourful egg cartons and berry baskets make great containers for summer berries, and other soft fruit like apricots and plums, egg boxes make the obvious carrier for hard boiled eggs!

 Jars and Bottles for Picnics

Jul’s Kitchen

Don’t forget the drinks! Take individual cold drinks in jars or bottles meaning no need for cups, add ice to the drinks before-hand to keep them cool. Jars are also great for carrying salads, desserts and dressings.

How to carry Wine for the picnic

 Martha Stewart

If you take larger bottles or wine, fold a tablecloth into a useful carrier, instructions here!

Hot Drinks for Picnics

Etsy Blog

For cooler days and evenings hot drinks are essential for the perfect picnic. Think hot cider or mulled wine for autumn days or take coffee with an extra flask of warm milk or hot chocolate with a can of whipping cream.

Ice cream Tubs Picnics

Picnic food does not have to be cold. A big flask of soup will prove a very popular alternative to a cold spread on a cooler or windy day, offer pots of steaming soup and chunks of fresh bread for a simple and delicious picnic lunch.

Desserts for picnics

Desserts are often a forgotten part of picnics or a last thought. Individual desserts in little pots with lids are very practical and are sure to be a big hit!

Lazy Picnic

Whenever possible try to pack a small light-weight chopping board and some cutlery. The chopping board can also serve as a makeshift serving area and a table to set down drinks. Other useful things are napkins, a bottle opener and corkscrew, salt and pepper, and a bag for rubbish is essential. A picnic blanket is obviously the traditional seat of choice but I prefer to take large tablecloths, or flat-sheets as these take up less room and wash well. Hammam and Fouta Towels are also great picnic rugs as they are particularly light weight, If you use a table to eat at they also make a pretty tablecloth and double up as a wrap on chilly evenings.

Beautiful Picnic Products


We hope you enjoy eating out with your family and friends this spring. Have fun creating picnics that are a little extra special by adding your own individual touches and style.

Pretty Little party Shop have a whole host of products for pretty and practical picnics this spring.

 Perfect Picnic supplies UK

Images uncredited are from Pinterest