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Give a Gift

Everyone loves to give and receive a beautiful gifts, they don’t have to be expensive, adding a personal touch to a little gift turns a small thank you into something extra-special. I thought I would share with you a couple of cute gift giving ideas. We used our Kraft Drinks Carrier as a cute and practical alternative gift presentation box.

Gift packaging box

We filled our Drinks Carrier with home-made elderflower cordial and some sunny daffodils, perfect for a sweet Mothers Day present, teacher gift or a thank you gift.

Kraft drinks carrier make a great gift box

Another use of these little carriers is as alternative Party Bags. Fill with party favors and sweets and your little guests can carry it off at the end of the party.

Mini picnic in a box

We also put together this cute mini picnic hamper, perfect for a light lunch. We teamed it with our 500ml glass bottle full of cool apple juice.

Gift of hot-chocolate

A gift of hot chocolate will always be a welcome treat!

Cute drinks Carrier

Alternatively you could always use our Drinks Carriers for Drinks!

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Movie Party Ideas

Movie Film Night Party Ideas

Everyone loves a good movie and a Movie Party is a fail-safe party with children young and old! A great movie party can be put together very simply or you could go to town on the theme adding different flavours of popcorn, a red carpet and clapper boards! Whatever you choose a Movie Party can look great and also be terrific fun!

Here are a few of my favourite Movie Parties to wet your appetite.

Popcorn Movie Party Ideas
Outdoor Movie Party – by We Heart Parties
Film Night Party Ispiration
hollywood Movie Party – by Anders Ruff
Kids Movie Party Ideas
Cute& Simple Movie Party – by Talia Audenart
So all you need to do is choose the film! Get the look:
Movie Party Supplies and Products
Movie Party Drinks Carries
Movie party Ideas and inspiration


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Cute Bunting DIY

I believe that bunting is the ultimate decoration! Whether it’s a party, celebration, event, BBQ, knees up, frankly there is no occasion that cannot be improved upon by a string of bunting.

Make easy bag bunting

We do have hand-made bunting in the shop, however when the mood takes me I also like to make my own. I have a knack of creating bunting out of anything, I have recycled allsorts into bunting; old jumpers, paper plates, baking cups, playing cards, old maps and books (my ‘dirty bunting’ as friends called it is infamous and made from unwanted copies of Fifty Shades of Grey!)

Kids Party Paper Decorations

My most recent bunting project is probably my easiest and quickest to date…Treat Bag Bunting!

You will need:

A selection of treat bags/party bags/sweet bags (12 bags make 3mtrs)
Ribbon or bias binding 1-1.5cm wide 3m long
A Sewing Machine

Simply sew the bags to the ribbon/binding, I sewed the bottoms of the bag so that they hung upside-down. Leave a gap of a bags width between your flags. Hang and enjoy!

Pretty Little Party Shop

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Lego Party Ideas

Lego Party is a winning theme for boys and girls. With strong colours and recognisable shapes Lego Theme Parties are a real crowd-pleaser. Simply combine your partyware in your favourite Lego colours and accessorise!

Lego Party Theme Ideas

1. Lego Head Storage Box from EllieEllie, 2. Plates, 3. Baking Cups, 4. Tablecloth, 5 Straws, 6 Lego Crayons, 7. Lego Lunchbox by EllieEllie, 8,Polka Dot Balloons

For more Lego party ideas please visit our Lego Pinterest Board.

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Fringe Tassel Tail Balloons

Tassel Tail Balloons are still a hot party decoration for 2014. You may remember last year I posted a D.I.Y how to make tassel tails for big balloons. Well I thought I would share with you a little balloon-tail cheat.

Tassel tails, (although they look amazing) are quite time consuming to construct, a very quick cheat to get a similar effect is to add fringe garland tails to your balloons.

Balloon Tassel Tail

Trust me kids love these, so for a cheap but ‘jaw-dropping-wow’ feature to a child’s party add fringe tassel tails to your balloons, these are also beautiful for weddings and can be achieved in practically no time and at very little cost. They also make a beautiful little gift for a birthday, baby shower etc.

Balloon Fringe Tassel Garland

Fringe Festooning comes in 5m lengths (more than enough for 5 balloons if you use just one strand), combine a couple of colours and strands for best effect. Simply attach the garlands to the tied base of the balloon with a little piece of glitter tape. These garlands are stronger than you might think but if you are using with Big Balloons take the measure of add a piece of strong ribbon along with the garlands as the piece to be held/tethered to avoid losing your beautiful balloon!

Balloon Fringe Garland Tail

Balloon Tassel Tail Garland

Our Fringe Garland comes in eleven gorgeous shades, have fun creating your own balloon-tails.

Tassel Tail Wedding Balloon

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Friday Fiesta – Pastels

I have been inspired this week by the fabulous book by Selina Lake Pretty Pastel Style. The book reveals how pastels are making a revival, and not the sugary, saccharine pastels of old but a new versatile breed of pastel shades on ‘the cool side of sweet’.
From sultry sophistiated shades to funky neons I adore them all. Pastel hues are particularly wonderful to use for parties and celebrations, to be honest when styling a party you can get creative and add just a touch of pastel for a pop of colour, or like me follow the ethos ‘more is more’!
Pastel Styling
Pastel Party Styling
Pastel Decor
Pastel Honeycomb Ball Decorations
Pastel Balloons and Pastel Party
Pastel Partware
Pastel Ideas for Parties
Image Credits
1 – 4 – Fjeldborg Blog

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Baking Cup Light Garland DIY

I have had many enquiries as to where I get the pretty strings of lights that adorn my home which I change the colours of according to the season or occasion. One lady thought that I collected tiny vintage lamp shades and strung them together!

Baking Cups Fairy Lights DIY
These strings of pretty lights are so easy to construct, no glue or tape is required all you need are baking cups and a string of fairy lights (my fairy lights cost just 99p)
You could use a selection of baking cups or try this with paper party cups. Carefully cut a cross in the bottom of the cup and pop a light through the hole. The light should stay inside quite snuggly without the need of any glue or tape.
Within less than 5 minutes you will have a pretty string of lights!
String of Baking Cup Lights